Barlock Games 2011-2020
About Barlock Games
Barlock Games is a name used for a solo teamed game developer. The goal from the start has always been to create unique games that throw original ideas together resulting in a great experience.

Though the development of MANY projects started as early as 2011, the only project that reached the finish line was Malfunction. The development for Malfunction (which at the time was called 'Project Error') started back in 2014. The story's development took 11 months to finally finish. Throughout the years the game has had countless bug fixes and optimization overhauls due to great feedback.

Hectic Void is the remnants of what some would know as 'Hectic' and 'Malfunction: Outbreak'. Originally Malfunction: Outbreak was meant to explore more of Malfunction's universe when altogether the game felt small, cluttered and pretty much pointless with the name 'Malfunction' attached to it.

This is where Hectic begins. Hectic was originally going to disconnect itself with the Malfunction universe and take Outbreak's levels with a much more vast direction.

That concept was eventually thrown out and it had become an arcade shooter with level progression. However a year after development, a majority of users had many complaints and I overall felt a bit disappointed with the direction of this game. 

So I went back to the drawing table and alas, Hectic Void was born! This game addressed all of the complaints while also using enemies, weapons and mechanics borrowed over from Malfunction Outbreak. This project has had a massive amount of overhauls but currently today, Hectic Void is what I'm proud to present.

Super Squash was originally a project that would develop with several close friends of mine. It's concept went something like this: A simple dungeon crawler with a simple but silly art style that would feature all of my closest friends as the protagonists. The project name was "Some F'N Squash".

Due to some disagreements and limitations, the project ultimately never lead anywhere and came to an end. However about a year later, the project was reborn but with some changes.

The game would share the same idea of having a simple and silly art style, but the protagonist would solely be a tank which would also feature familiar enemies from prior Barlock Games' titles. The project at this point was known as "Steel Squash".

Fast forward today and the project has expanded to not only feature ALL enemies of Barlock Games, but also characters, locations and bosses. This game has evolved into a pure throwback from the past 9 years of Barlock Games. The project at this point was named "Barlock Squash" but has since been changed to "Super Squash".

The game has since launched on Steam and is still being updated today.

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