Get your game face on and see what Barlock Games has to offer!
Malfunction is a story driven game that has 5 chapters and 25 levels. Malfunction uses multiple genre's (Puzzle, action, adventure, shooter) in the best way possible. Some parts of the game you'll be doing puzzles, when other parts you'll be fighting off waves of enemies. You will never know what to fully expect when playing the game.

Malfunction will take you on a long, thrilling adventure that is totally worth the time. From meeting new characters, to conquering the plague, Malfunction has it all.
Malfunction: Outbreak is a dicontinued FPS game that put you into the shoes of Mark (one of the characters prior to Malfunction) who must collect an arsenal of weapons and destroy all enemies that stand before him. The game can still be played as well as all of it's previous versions.
Hectic is a throwback to the classic FPS genre with many unique elements. Explore a sub-section of randomized rooms to complete a various amount of objectives. You're rewarded with specific items that you're able to equip at your home base. The game is in HEAVY development.