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Malfunction is a story driven game that has 5 chapters and 25 levels. Malfunction uses multiple genre's (Puzzle, action, adventure, shooter) in the best way possible. Some parts of the game you'll be doing puzzles, when other parts you'll be fighting off waves of enemies. You will never know what to fully expect when playing the game.

Malfunction will take you on a long, thrilling adventure that is totally worth the time. From meeting new characters, to conquering the plague, Malfunction has it all.
Malfunction: Outbreak takes place 5 years after the events of Malfunction. You will play in the boots of Mark (one of the characters prior to the first Malfunction) as he is trying to escape from the Plague as well as the Pounds. Throughout his journey there will be many friends and foes, all of which are hard to be trusted.

The game is an FPS that mostly consists of growing your arsenal of weapons and killing waves of enemies while doing the occasional puzzles.